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Our data recovery services cover the most common events of accidental data deletion, as well as unexpected hardware failure. We work with PC/MAC hard drives, flash memory devices (USB drives, memory cards) and smartphones. Our rates vary depending on device and storage size of such device, but start at $55. For a quote please reach out to us from our CONTACT page with a detailed message describing your case, and we will be glad to try and help you out with your data recovery needs.                


We know how scary the internet could be sometimes, our job is to simplify things for you and protect you from those internet monsters that try to steal your information. We can detect viruses on your current PC/MAC machine. Furthermore we can prevent such events from happening. Your safety is our priority. Our rates for virus removal and protection start at $85 but can be a little higher if data recovery/extraction is involved. Please send us a brief message from our CONTACT page and we will get back to you with a proper quote. We will defend your computer PC/MAC at all costs.   



We all use them, smartphones have become part of our daily lives. They are in a way mini computers that need maintenance and our attention from time to time. Whether it is a broken screen or a software problem, we can help you. We offer solutions for broken screens on most Apple iPhone devices, Samsung smartphones, and others. We work on all types and brands of smartphones with battery and charging problems. Our success rate with liquid damaged devices is great. We are also highly skilled in micro-soldering repairs. Our list of services for mobile devices is pretty extensive, and there is little we cannot do. Please send us detailed message from our CONTACT page with your case and we will do our best to offer you the best quality of service you deserve at the best possible rates.


Computers can sometimes be a very frustrating part of our lives. Good thing is they don't have to be. Our agents specialize on all types and kinds of computer repairs. Software repairs can include troubleshooting connectivity issues with your internet provider, as well as problematic drivers for your peripheral devices. Hardware repairs can include maintenance for your computer processor or graphics card, and all kinds of overheating problems. We offer memory and hard drive upgrades with data migration. Keyboard as well as screen replacements for laptop computers. Our list goes on and on. There is very little we cannot do when it comes to computers, be sure to send us a detailed message with your case and we will provide you with solutions at the best possible rates. Get in touch with us from our CONTACT page.   



Your repair is backed by a 6 Month Warranty which only covers labor and all parts installed by us from us as listed on your receipt. Warranty starts on pick up date when payment is taken in full for provided repair. Under no circumstances is your 6 month warranty period to reset if during that time a warranty claim is made by you.

No Returns, No Refunds. Absolutely no physical damage nor liquid damage covered under warranty. This applies to device while in your possession after it has left our facility on date of receipt when final payment is taken.  



Due to the complexity of repairs and damage of most devices, Computer Intelligence Agency (CIA) staff cannot foresee any additional damage other than the obvious upon drop off without a proper diagnostic. Please take advantage of our free diagnostic on mobile devices whenever possible to allow our staff to properly assess damage and better provide repair cost of your device. On that account, Computer Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its staff cannot be held accountable for non-operational electronics after attempted repair.